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How It Works 

APMG a dba of Fmc Lending Inc. works with investors who use trust deed investing not only as a way to receive a higher yield for money, but as a full time career, part time job or supplemental income source.  We welcome investors who are hands on, and also those whom prefer to be absentee. Our investor philosophy is very simple and fully transparent form the start of every loan.

1. We focus on LOCAL DEALS for LOCAL INVESTORS. Let's face the facts you want to lend money were you live and understand.

2. We focus on HIGH YIELDS YOU WANT for your investment strategy. The investor dictates the rate and terms not the borrower.

3. We focus on STRICT CONSERVATIVE UNDERWRITING for safety first. Our principles are Subprime/AltA underwriters. Full Doc!


“Just because a loan is low loan to value does not mean it will perform. It helps me sleep at night to know APMG has done homework on the borrower for my trust deed investment.”

Richard Ness, Investor

“I enjoy watching the underwriting process on my trust deeds. It allows me to make better decisions on the trust deeds I do and at what terms. The staff at AMPG is very knowledgeable and patient with me, even though I ask a lot of questions. My past TD group would stop calling me back after a while, AMPG did not.”
Sara Jonahson, Investor

Unlike other companies our underwriters investigate each and every borrower and property with our technology partners listed below. No Liar Loans Allowed!

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